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Our capabilities

Your single source for strategic communications with measurable results.

Allegra: Business printing services and marketing strategies that deliver results.

Imagine having high-quality marketing materials developed and produced by top creative experts, then using the latest printing and mailing technologies to deliver your message – all in one place!

Our small business marketing pros can help you develop cost-effective print communications and marketing programs that take full advantage of our in-house Graphic Design, advanced Printing Solutions and Direct Mailing Services. They’ll guide you every step of the way and help you develop creative marketing strategies that meet your goals in the most targeted and practical ways – helping you determine the right channels for marketing your business.

When you talk to us you’ll quickly see why a single, full-service marketing and printing resource makes sense for businesses looking to grow. We’re locally-owned and operated, proudly serving Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek and surrounding area businesses for over 15 years.

Our GREEN approach

While considering the environment, choose print. The paper industry plants more trees than it harvests. Today there are 25% more trees in the developed world than in 1900. Paper is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs while forestry plantations provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. A decline in the demand for paper products risks a decline in sustainably managed re-growth forests.
USE PRINT! It is tangible - it is effective in getting your message across and when recycled, it will come back to us as new paper or board.

Local Alliances For Stronger Communities

Community alliances to help with marketingIn an established city or tiny town, business alliances created to support locally-owned enterprises have shown to have a positive impact on the community. According to the New Rules Project of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, here are the top 10 best reasons for supporting locally-owned businesses:

1. Preserves local character and prosperity. Communities that maintain their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage in a homogenized world.

2. Enhances community well-being. Business owners contribute to local causes, strengthening economic and social relationships.

3. Ensures local decision-making. Local ownership means decisions are made by those who live in the community and will feel the impact of them.

4. Keeps dollars in local economy. Compared to chain stores, locally-owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue into the local economy.

5. Creates jobs and better wages. Successful businesses create jobs, and in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits.

6. Promotes entrepreneurship. Small business ownership fuels innovation and prosperity, building the middle class.

7. Offers public benefits and fewer costs. Local businesses often require comparatively little infrastructure and make efficient use of public services.

8. Promotes environmental sustainability. Sourcing locally decreases transportation energy consumption and pollution.

9. Encourages competition. Thousands of small businesses ensure innovation and low prices long term.

10. Delivers product diversity. Distinctive small businesses collectively offer a broader range of choices based on the needs of local customers.

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