4 Reasons To Include Direct Mail In Your Next Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

4 Reasons To Include Direct Mail In Your Next Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

As the digital space increasingly expands, marketers are provided overwhelming opportunity to reach their audiences online; and with tools like Google Ads, the process can be pretty simple. However, if you’re thinking about shifting your entire marketing strategy to digital – you should probably reconsider. Here’s why direct mail belongs in your next multi-channel marketing campaign:

Direct Mail Encourages Digital Engagement

Despite what you might think, print and digital are not competing with each other. In fact, the two mediums make a great team. One of Canada Post’s latest infographics reveals significant digital engagement in response to receiving direct mail. Of those surveyed, 64% visited a website and 54% engaged in social media after receiving direct mail.

Direct Mail Stands Out

Consumers are constantly bombarded with pop-up ads and promotional emails; which is likely why 4 out of 5 small business owners say professional printing helps them stand out. If you’re looking to cut through the digital clutter, try direct mail.

Direct Mail Makes an Impact on Millennials

If you think tech-savvy millennials will have no interest in reading print material – think again. This infographic by Canada Post reveals many millennials have become overwhelmed by promotional emails, and are excited to open physical mail. If that’s not convincing enough, 31% of recent millennial purchases were driven by print or direct mail.

Direct Mail Drives Results

As with all marketing efforts, motivating consumer response is a top priority. If your goal is to drive traffic to your local business or online store, direct mail can achieve it. With a 20% higher response rate than digital, direct mail definitely belongs in your next campaign.

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by Nicole Lipari

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