So you’ve attracted a prospect to your website – great start! Now you need to keep them there. Luckily, with great web design, this is achievable. But as with most things, web design evolves; and to ensure you’re gaining the most ROI from your visitors, your website should evolve also. Here are 4 web design trends for 2019:

Stay Minimal

Minimalism is not a new design trend, but it has gained popularity over the years because it works. We are constantly flooded with information and visuals while searching the web, so having a clean, straightforward web design simplifies the navigation process for users. That being said, just because the design is simple, it doesn’t have to be boring. Take a look at Apple’s minimal, yet captivating, web design:

Make It Mobile

If your website is not fully compatible on mobile devices – it should be. According to StatCounter, mobile use surpassed desktop in 2018; which means perfecting the performance of your mobile website should be a top priority. To see how your website measures up on mobile, try it out yourself.

Insert Video

If you haven’t noticed, video content is taking over the internet. HubSpot projects 80% of all internet traffic is soon to be claimed by video. To capture the attention of your visitors and keep them interested, try incorporating original video content into your web design. This could be as simple as embedding a video on your Home page that illustrates how your product or service stands out amongst the competition. See how Travel Alberta incorporated video content into their web design:

Start Chatting

The way we communicate has changed drastically with technology, which is why relying on a customer service hotline or email to assist online customers is simply not enough anymore. To eliminate long wait times that can occur through email and telephone, we suggest incorporating a chat box into your web design. They’re simple to use, and can significantly improve customer satisfaction, and increase return visits.

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by Nicole Lipari