If you didn’t already know, direct mail continues to pull higher response rates than email. With that in mind, why not take your traditional direct mail pieces to the next level?

Dimensional mail is a form of direct mail that puts an emphasis on engagement through creative, playful designs. Unlike traditional mail (e.g. a postcard or flyer), dimensional mail comes in various shapes and sizes, and incorporates design elements that the receiver can engage with.

To inspire your next direct mail campaign, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite dimensional mail pieces.

1. Pop-Up Cube – AB Show 2018


This pop-up cube adds an element of surprise to an otherwise traditional mail piece.

 2. Video Mailer – Hewlett-Packard (HP) 


Print and digital media are combined in this unique video mailer to convey the company’s message.

3. Pull Tab – BMW 


This simple pull-tab feature provides a playful experience for the receiver.

4. Centre Pop Mailer – Canadian North


Incorporating a pop-up element is great for emphasizing your main message.

5. Tube Mailer – Sprint 


This tube mailer is both unique and playful – but still gets the message across.

Ready to think outside the box? Contact Allegra to get started on your next dimensional mail campaign!

by Nicole Lipari