With a new year ahead of us, there is no better time to start building an email list, or improve the one you already have. To help you get started, try implementing one of these five simple strategies:


When building your promotional email list, inform potential subscribers of how they will benefit from submitting their information. In your call-to-action, highlight certain things that they might have access to once they subscribe. For example, you can emphasize exclusive offers and content, or that subscribers will be first to know about new services or product launches.

Pop-Up Forms

Don’t rely on your web visitors to find the email subscription form on your website. Instead, actively engage your visitors with a pop-up form that appears as they browse your website. For best results, make sure your pop-up form includes a powerful call-to-action!

Provide An Offer

If you’re looking to build a list quickly, try providing an offer or promotional code in return for email sign-ups. This strategy is sure to gain new subscribers fast, however, it does have the potential for users to unsubscribe once they retrieve their offer. To avoid this issue, we suggest that you ensure your emails are well structured, intriguing, and feature quality content. This way, your new subscribers will be less tempted to click the “unsubscribe” button.

Sign-Up While Checking Out

If part of your business includes an online store, encourage visitors to subscribe to promotional emails while they’re checking out. In doing so, you’ll build a list of individuals that have already shown significant interest in your business, and that will likely respond well to promotional emails in the future.

Community Events

Participating in community events not only shows that you care about the community that surrounds you, but it also helps you connect more closely to the people that you serve. There are many ways to encourage email subscriptions at community events. You can hold a contest that requires email sign-ups, offer free gifts in return for an email address, or simply hand out business cards and encourage passerby’s to visit your website and submit their email there.

Whichever way (or ways) you choose to grow your promotional email list, make sure to always comply with the anti-spam laws that are applicable to your business or organization. If you operate a business or organization in Canada, you can refer to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) for more information on the laws that apply to you.

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by Nicole Lipari