Powerful + Engaging

When it comes to marketing communications, nothing lets you target an audience, engage them, and spur them to take action better than direct mail. Mail is also one of the most measurable marketing vehicles, allowing you to track responses and resulting sales activity to get a clear picture of your return on investment. But 80% of direct mail success is based on the list you use and the offer you make. You can’t sell if you aren’t talking to the right people, and they won’t respond if you don’t give them a good reason. That’s why you need the experts at Allegra.

From words and graphics to choosing the best format, our team will manage all the details so your mail will be opened, read, and remembered. We design every direct mail piece with an in-depth understanding of print technology, so your package will print on time and within budget. We make sure your materials meet all postal regulations and ensure that you qualify for the best postal rates. We can even help you clean your mailing database or purchase new mailing lists so you can target the best prospects, instead of wasting postage on outdated information.

Personal URLs

With custom Web addresses, you can deliver a personal and powerful experience unique to each prospect … and increase the overall R.O.I. of your direct mail campaigns. Studies show that using PURLs with a relevant message can increase response rates two to five times.

PURLs combine the high impact and quality of a direct mail campaign with the speed, accessibility, convenience, and economy of Internet response. When you only get one chance to make a first impression, using print and online technologies to deliver an easy and convenient buyer experience sets you apart and makes you instantly more memorable.

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