Prom Project Hamilton (PPH) is a one day, two site location event that was created by the HWDSB Foundation to assist students in need with formal wear for their proms, graduations, formals and other special events so they can attend their events feeling stylish, confident and proud. Prom Project Hamilton does not require any proof of financial need, and promotes a positive and inclusive environment, created to support those students with formal needs who may choose not to attend their special event because of financial challenges. All items are new or gently used from the private and business communities and are free of charge to all clients. All clients are treated with respect, dignity and are assisted by volunteers who are dedicated to supporting students and making the experience an impactful journey towards their upcoming milestone event.

Prom Project Hamilton came to FootPRINT fund looking for some event signage. They realized that the event was missing banners that they could hang on the entrance doors for each venue and make sure people knew where they were going.

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