1inFour is a provincial non-profit organization bridging the gap between young women seeking help for themselves and their children and the services in place to support them. Hamilton has many excellent resources for women in crisis but it is often hard to know where to start. Through an innovative survivor informed website 1inFour provides three main services: blog posts written by survivors, a monthly calendar of events and a comprehensive resource database.

1inFour was founded by three women survivors of domestic violence. Their main goal is to become a recognized source for information, resources, and encouragement. 1inFour applied to FootPRINT Fund because they needed help to increase their visibility within the city. The past few years for them have been intentionally low profile while they built their organization. They have already collaborated with the Hamilton Social Planning and Research Council, The Redbook, WAWG member organizations, Volunteer Hamilton and McMaster University.

Through FootPRINT Fund we helped 1inFour design and produce small postcards that could be passed to women discretely with information on how to recognize domestic violence and how to get help. We also designed and produced a large banner for them to use at speaking events.

For more information on 1inFour, please visit http://1infour.ca/