Events and trade shows are a great way to showcase your brand and what it has to offer, but it can be difficult to stand out when competing with hundreds of other businesses in a sea of people. Here a few simple ways you can incorporate print communications to attract the attention of attendees and make a lasting impression.


At overcrowded events and trade shows, one of the most important factors in attracting attendees to your booth is professional signage.

With a variety of sign and banner displays to choose from, there is always an option that best suits your business’s unique needs. Additionally, most signage allows for seamless transport and an easy-to-use retractable system, so you can forget about a stressful set up!


Once you’ve attracted passerby’s to your booth, reinforce brand consistency with branded apparel for your team!

There are thousands of unique apparel items to choose from including t-shirts, sweaters, hats, jackets and backpacks. Furthermore, you can customize most apparel down to its specific style, colour, logo placement and more!

Promotional Items

If you want to leave prospects with something to remember you by, consider having branded promotional items available for those that come to your booth!

Similar to branded apparel, there are thousands of promotional items to choose from. Popular items include pens, water bottles, and magnets; but you can also choose items that reflect current trends such as fidget toys and pop-up phone holders.

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by Nicole Lipari