Simplified Marketing With Brochures

Even in this digital age, you should still have brochures available to hand out or mail to your customers. They convey important information about your services at a glance, which can easily be kept on hand for repeated reference. Furthermore, a printed brochure adds legitimacy to your business and highlights important information from your website. Brochures are still essential at trade shows, marketing events, sales presentations and for general marketing. Allegra makes it easy to get your brochure into the hands of the consumer as we handle the entire process, from initial design to printing and bindery. We can even write copy. With the option of digital or offset printing, turn-around times are quick so you will get fast results.

Sizes and Options

While a letter-sized three-panel brochure is the most common, other popular sizes include 11 x 17 and 8.5 x 14. If you have a lot of information you need to convey, consider a larger sheet size which can be folded into multiple panels. The beauty of a brochure is that it always folds down into a nice, compact, easy to handle size. We can also perforate your brochure for designs requiring a tear-off portion.

Brochures can be folded in a number of different ways. Tri-fold, half fold, accordion fold and double parallel are common options. Larger sheet sizes might include a combinations of the two, such as an 11 x 17 sheet folded in half and then as a tri-fold, to fit into a standard #10 envelope.

Because brochures are commonly used across a wide range of businesses, you need to make sure that yours will stand out. Visit the marketing experts at Allegra for ideas and samples to make sure your finished product really shines.

Catalogues, Booklets and Event Programs

Have a lot of information to convey? Product catalogues and booklets contain multiple pages and are great for multi-product offerings, special events and directories.

Saddle Stapled Brochure
Perfect bound brochures