Customer appreciation is one of the most important factors in retaining loyal clients. So, why not show your clients that you appreciate them right from the start?

Client welcome packages are a simple way to show your new client that you value their business, while also providing additional insight into your business’s overall mission.

To help you get started on building your client welcome packages, we’ve organized a list of things you should consider including in each package to make the best impression on your new client.

1. Welcome Letter

The first thing that should be included in any welcome package is a personalized note or letter from the client’s primary point of contact at your company. Within the letter, thank the client for their business, provide a little more insight into your company (e.g. history, mission), and clearly state the relevant contact information.

2. Business Card

In addition to providing your contact information within the letter, a business card is an easily portable take-away item for the client to hold on to long-term. A professional business card assures that your client can swiftly contact you in the future.

3. Service Sheet

Depending on your business, a service sheet can be helpful for clients who might be unaware of the full range of services that you offer. With a simplified sheet, your new client can plan ahead for services that might interest them in the future.

4. Small Gift

Including a small gift in your client welcome package peaks interest and gives your client something to hold on to. Some popular gifts to include are pens, magnets, personalized notebooks, or desk calendars; which can all be imprinted with your logo for a lasting impression.

The Presentation

Now that you know what to include in your client welcome package, it’s time to think about the presentation. Depending on whether you plan to mail your packages or personally deliver them, you can choose to place the items into a presentation folder and package it in an envelope, or organize everything into a branded box or tote bag.

You are now officially ready to start securing loyal clients. For help with building a custom welcome package, contact Allegra!

by Nicole Lipari